Troubleshooting for 3D Pen


The 'OLED' screen back to the default boot interface of "DIKALE" automatically during drawing.


Using the incompatibale adapter

Solve Methods

Using our original adapter(not compatible with other adapters)


The OLED/LCD screen doesn't light

1.Mobile power fault

2.Lead wire of socket falls off

3.Main board fault

1.Check mobile power supply

2.Weld the socket lead wire

3.Replace the main board

The LCD/OLED screen  displays 'ERROR'

Heater nozzle failure or without the heater nozzle

Replace the heater nozzle


Heating while witout temperature rising


1.Heater nozzle failure

2.Main board failure

3.Internal wire falls off

1.Replace the heater nozzle

2.Replace the main board

3.Weld the internal wire





Filament do not come out off the nozzle


1.Nozzle Blockage

2.Temperature is not high enough

3.The temperature  doesn't rise

4.Gear can't bite the filament

5.The tail of the filament is uneven so as to the filament can't go in

6.Load filament failure

7.Poor contact of the heater nozzle

8.Motor damaged or lead wire breaks off

9.Program fault

1.Replace the heater nozzle

2.Replace the heater nozzle or adjust the operating temperature

3.Replace the heater nozzle or replace the main board

4.Clean the gears and reload

5.Unload and take out the filament,cut the tip even and reload it into the pen

6.Uloading filament and cut it smoothly

7.Reset the heater nozzle

8.Replace motor or lead wire

9.Replace the main board

Temperature is too high,burning the nozzle

1.Main board fault

2.Heater nozzle failure

1.Replace the main board

2.Repalce the heater nozzle


Troubleshooting for 3D Printer Filament



The filament is excessive stringing and blobing



Solve Methods

Reduce the flow of filament in 5% increments




the 3D printer filament has poor bed adhesion


1. Level bed is uneven
2. Bed temperature is low
3. Fan speed is too high, the filament temperature is cooling down
4. Bed is been used for a long time and it gets dirty

1、Please check if the level bed is even. It is recommended to re-level the print substrate to reduce the distance between the nozzle and the surface plate;
2、Increase bed temperature.
3、Decrease fan speed for initial layers.
4、Clean bed or using a new one.
Using temporary adhesives: 
Hairspray: A light spray of hairspray on the build plate is a popular method of aiding adhesion to the bed.

the layer occurs some random dots or holes when making a print

3D printer filament is under-extrusion

 Make sure the filament is been extruding filament