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3D pen set for children, low temperature 3D pen, safe for children, adults and hobbyists for handicrafts and 3D pressing (only compatible with PCL filaments, not compatible with PLA and ABS) (silver)

Style: DKL-03A 
Color: Silver

【Only compatible with PCL filament】 The pen is compatible with PCL filament, not compatible with PLA and ABS. Compared to PLA and ABS filament, PCL has low printing temperature 70-100 ℃. The 3D pen nozzle is about 20 ℃.

Temperatur Low temperature, safer for children and adults Compared to other 3D pens on the market, the 3D pen has a lower temperature for pen nozzles. The lowest working temperature is only 10 ℃. You can knead the material safely.

【OLED display shows the temperature and speed】 OLED screen of 3D pen shows 3 modes of printing temperature and extrusion speed: Low temperature 80 ° C; Medium temperature 90 ° C; High temperature 95 ° C

【Easy to use】 There is a USB connection from the supplied cable. This pen is easy to carry because you can use this cable to connect the 3D pen to any mobile power supply (5V / 2A only), such as a computer and laptop.

【High-precision manufacturing】 The case of the 3D pen with good texture is made of aircraft aluminum. The pin is easy to disassemble and assemble. You can easily clean the pen nozzle. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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